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श्रीमती प्रमिला गोकुलदास डागा गर्ल्स महाविद्यालय,   रायपुर, (छत्तीसगढ़)

Smt. Pramila Gokuldas Daga Girl's College   Raipur,(Chhattisgarh)
Est. 1987

Criteria 4

4.1.1: Availability of adequate infrastructure and physical facilities viz., classrooms, laboratories, ICT facilities, cultural activities, gymnasium, yoga centre etc. in the institution

4.2.1: Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), subscription to e-resources, amount spent on purchase of books, journals and per day usage of library.

Audit Reports:

  1. AY 2021-22
  2. AY 2020-21
  3. AY 2019-20
  4. AY 2018-19
  5. AY 2017-18
  6. CA Certificate


4.3.1: Institution frequently updates its IT facilities and provides sufficient bandwidth for internet connection